About Us

Our COmpany Profile

Sahal Tech Solutions is a well established and growth oriented high-end IT consultant and software development company with offices Djibouti and Somaliland. Our extensive IT experience as an IT Service Provider, as well as the outstanding qualifications and commitment of our staff ensure that all of the solutions for our customers will be right on target, no matter how complex a project may be – ranging from consulting, software development and IT transformation to IT service management. We have impeccable track record of delivering customized IT Solutions to number of local and International organizations.

Sahal Tech developed and implemented the Somaliland biometric citizen and national id card project, which has so far registered some 700,000 people in all regions of Somaliland. Sahal Tech has received praise because of pioneering use of online registration and verification, which made it impossible for people to register more than once. At a cost of 3 million dollars, the project is the biggest IT project funded by government of Somaliland, and is expected to plays an important role in the national development effort and the provision of essential services to the citizens.

Other software solutions implemented include:
  1. National Vehicle ownership database for the Ministry of Finance
  2. Customs management system for the five Customs stations in Berbera, Wajale, Kalabaydh, Zaila and Hargeisa airport for Ministry of Finance
  3. Inland Revenue System for Ministry of Finance
  4. Core Banking System for Bank of Somaliland
  5. Passport Management System for Somaliland Immigration Department
  6. Biometric Registration System and HRM for Civil Service Commission
  7. Biometric Registration System and HRM for Shaqo Qaran
  8. Biometric Registration System and HRM for Somaliland Fire Fighting Army
  9. Electronic payroll manag ement database for the Ministry of Education funded and supported by Save the children
  10. Information management solution for Vocational training centers run by the Save the children
  11. Student information System for five universities in Hargeisa, Garowe and Mugadishu for Save the children
  12. Vehicle tracking system for the Ministry of Interior (999 emergency dispatch unit)